55220 Series Multiway Service Heads

WT Henley Service Connections

55220 Series Multiway Service Heads

Service ConnectionsW T Henley is a world leader in the design and manufacture of Electrical Distribution Equipment. Safe and reliable service fuse protection is essential in maintaining consumer supplies.

The well-known Series 7 Cutout is the favoured choice by many utilities around the world. A simple, safe and cost effective means of providing supply/isolation facility to multi-occupied dwellings (for example a block of flats) is the W T Henley Multiway Service Head.

Suiting SNE or CNE cables (Please note: Separate neutral/earth bars are fitted with a neutral/earth link for CNE systems. The link must be removed for SNE systems. Additional accessories may be required for the connection of armour on the metal sheaths of paper-insulated cables), all service fuses are mounted in one horizontal bank for safe easy cabling.

Additional security is provided by a PVC shroud over live metal, ensuring safety during sub-circuit wiring. Hexagon headed wrench to operate socket-headed screws in cutouts can be supplied when requested. Suggested maximum cable sizes:

  • 7 and 10 way = 120mm2
  • 16 way = 185mm2
  • 24 way = 300mm2

If larger cables are to be accommodated we will be pleased to advise. Looped mains incoming cables can be accommodated using an extra entry bush.

Features at a glance

  • Protection to BS5420, IP3X
  • Manufactured from 1.6mm zinc coated steel.
  • All incoming live metal is shrouded ensuring safety during sub circuit wiring.
  • Choice of 7,10,16 & 24 way units.
  • Suitable for CNE or SNE cable applications.
  • Fitted with “Series 7”, Single Pole Fused Cutouts.
  • Accepts BS1361 Fuselinks.
  • Option for mechanical type connectors on incoming cable.


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