Low Voltage 2 and 4 Way Link Boxes

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Low Voltage 2 and 4 Way Link Boxes

Service ConnectionsModular link box body kit in 2-way and 4-way configurations designed for 3 core CNE cables (95mm² - 300mm²) and most LV cables, including those with full-sized sectoral neutral / earth conductors. Snap-fit terminal cover permits on-site single resin casting with live connections. Complete kit includes casting shell assembly, cable setting jig, electrical connections, wedge links, diving bell lid, toolbox, pit enclosure, galvanised frame and cover.


Connecting or switching underground low voltage cables.


Meets or exceeds engineering recommendation C.81/4 BS7888 type approval for joints and 600/1000 volt cable systems. Pit frame and cover meet B125 EN124 standards.

Features and Benefits

  • Modular concept reduces weight and space required for link box positioning, making installation possible in congested areas while reducing excavation and reinstatement costs.
  • Patented modular assembly integrates single resin casting, snap fit terminal cover, diving bell lid and pit enclosure.
  • Supplied with the full set of required 82.5mm wedge links (3 links with 2-way box and 12 links with 4-way box).
  • Unique injection moulded toolbox combines the functions of hiding the diving bell lid and storing out-of-service links with the bright yellow "Danger live electrical apparatus" warning.
  • Cast iron diving bell lid with integrated moisture run-off and release system provides product integrity for up to a 2m head of water at 10° installation.
  • Modular pit enclosure frame comes in 150mm deep sections for varying cable depths.
  • Snap-fit terminal cover comes with printed colour and number phase identification, moulded resin bond area and is topped by a clear vacuumformed debris protector.
  • Live installation possible due to bespoke injection moulded shrouds.
  • Cable core setting jig allows accurate conductor alignment before postioning the link box body, permitting easy access to cables and enabling better electrical connections.
  • Clear vacuum-formed body shell allows both easy cable installation and inspection prior to resin fill. Shell designed for crossing 300mm² cores with sufficient resin coverage.
  • Single resin casting reduces installation time and volume of required resin.
  • Pit cover is housed in a galvanised metal frame and has 100mm of movement for uneven surfaces. Cover can be supplied with or without concrete fill, allowing on-site customization.
  • Single resin casting eliminates moisture tracking and ingress problems resulting from multiple castings.
  • All busbars and terminal spigots made from 6mm electro-tinned copper.
  • All internal connections made with standard Tyco tested components (UET and BTCNE connectors) featuring mechanical shear torque controlled technology.
  • Reduced number of connections improves electrical performance and product longevity.
  • Error-proof assembly due to torque and system control software and zerofault technology.


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